The Wail of Overwhelm


The past few days I’ve been feeling swarmed with duties, my own and others, feeling like I’m drowning and I misplaced my life jacket. It took me turning some meltdowns into mindfulness to realize, but I indeed learned that if I simply stand up, the pool of obligations isn’t as deep as I imagined it to be. I am in control of the wail of overwhelm. There is enough time and tools in each day to complete the tasks that are important to me. When we place unnecessary thoughts in our minds and speak into existence that we won’t be able to complete a task, we not only set ourselves up to procrastinate or give up entirely, but it sends a lousy message to ourselves and the universe that we aren’t capable of completing the task we so desperately dream to. It’s possible. There’s just a few steps we have to take in order to shift the perspective from panic to passion. Here’s my take:

  • Sit with it-

Yes we know you have a to-do list piling up by the day, but in order to tackle it, you have to accept it first. Take a seat and some deep breaths, while allowing each task to flow into your mind without blockage, accept that you must do it, and let it go until your chock full of freedom. 

  • Write it down-

Seeing is believing. Turn your freedom into a list. You’ve already accepted that it must be done so you can look at each task without feeling overwhelmed or pessimistic. Get it down on paper, as detailed as you see fit, so you don’t forget anything.

  • Get organized-

Look at your list. Close your eyes and feel it out. What needs to be done immediately? What has to wait until a later date? What can be done simultaneously? Start separating that list. Use a new page for each group. Attach dates and times to make it real. 

  • Breathe- 

This one is really important. As you get prepared to begin your list monitor your breathing. You may still feel a little anxious at the start and that’s okay. Keep your body calm and in the present by deep breathing through it. 

  • Do it-

Literally. Just do it. This may seem like the hardest part but in reality it’s the easiest. As you check things off one by one you’ll feel a sense of pride and relief. You took charge, finish what you started, and unknowingly learned something new about yourself in the process. Think back to your list for a moment. How did you feel when doing certain tasks? Did some of them make you happy? Or stressed? Or dumbfounded that it took you 3 weeks to do it when it happened to only take 3 mins? How can you be better with time and getting things done for your future lists? That’ll make you all the more positive and prosperous for the tasks to come. 

When it comes down to feeling overwhelmed, learning how to train your brain and body to respond to tasks helps you to tackle them with passion and succession. 

The wail of overwhelm is all up to you. You can either sink or swim.